Thomas Nowotny

“A real multi talented artist – he works in different medias - such as photography, painting, video, and creates artistic room and event concepts…for every single theme Nowotny needs a different solution of expression!”
* Erich Pimmingstorfer 10 Museumsausstellungen (Single, Group)
in Deutschland, Russland, Süd Korea und China 26 Solo Ausstellungen und 34 Gruppenausstellungen
in Galerien und Museen: Österreich, Deutschland, Niederlande, Belgien, Schweiz und USA 46 Auftragsarbeiten
für diverse öffentliche und private Bauten, Galerien und Museen: Raumkonzepte, kreativ Workshops, Licht, Malerei, Photographie in Österreich und Deutschland 29 Multimedia Installationen
für diverse Konzerne sowie öffentliche und private Galerien und Museen: Österreich, Deutschland, Niederlande, Belgien, Süd Korea, China und USA Sammlungen: Bundesministerium für Kunst (Österreich), Stadt Salzburg (Österreich), Land Salzburg (Österreich), MdM Rupertinum Salzburg (Österreich), Hypo Bank (Österreich), Salzburger Sparkasse (Österreich), Raiffeisen Bank (Österreich), Young Eun Museum (Süd-Korea), Museum of Maga (Süd-Korea), Hwajeong Museum (Süd-Korea), und private Sammlungen (Global). Projekte: BMW (Österreich, Deutschland), PORSCHE Informatik (Global), RED BULL (Global), SUYIN Europe (Deutschland, China), FÜRST Developments (Europe), DATEV (Deutschland, Japan), KURLAND (Spaworld - Deutschland), VAMED Global (Österreich - SALK, GESPAG, TILAK), SPAR Gruppe (Österreich), SALZBURG AG (Österreich), AREA Salzburg (Österreich), LKH Salzburg (SALK, Österreich), KH DIAGONISSEN (Österreich), LKH Kufstein (TILAK, Österreich), LKH Vöcklabruck (GESPAG, Österreich), LKH Steyr (GESPAG, Österreich), HYPO Salzburg (Österreich), SALZBURGER SPARKASSE (Österreich), PRIVATE BANK Attersee (Österreich, Raiffeisen), ADWERBA Salzburg (Österreich), IDEENWERK Salzburg (Österreich)
© Oskar Friedl 2012 “Nowotny is a painter with a natural talent that is near impossible to find. His brushstroke is incredibly strong and always bound to earth. He is wild and chaotic, flowing and dancing, and always right on the border between creation and destruction. Continuously exposed to the elements but also continuously contemplating. A tree whose seeds can only sprout once they have been exposed to the fire.”
© Prof. Dr. Helge Bathelt, M.A. 2018 On the necessity of painting Nowotny’s paintings possess precisely that which makes painting come alive – something no other art achieves to the same extent, namely exploiting and realising a reactive potential in such a way as to create a lasting effect as well as the possibility of renewing itself – notably in the same/similar/comparable image. Painting, in particular, is eminently suited to leave the virtual space of museums and large galleries and be ubiquitously effective. These capacities for renewal on the one hand and encompassing presence on the other hand signifies that in painting, an art has been created that is profoundly human and singularly appropriate to human needs. Painting can follow humans to where they live and the art can be effective on their walls. The human soul requires more than white walls. © Dr. Gabriele Groschner, Research Consultant, Residenzgalerie, 2018 Fundamental observations from a baroque perspective Added to this in these pictures is a zeitgeist aspect of transcontinental subculture, which increasingly claimed the advanced cultural area of Europe. Nowotny’s paintings are fleeting dream narratives, beyond the dictates of everyday logic, and appear somehow otherworldly. Imagination surpasses the temporal and spatial boundaries. A feeling of freedom – or at least a new heaven – has become discernible: everything is at is seems. Dreaming takes place in interstellar dimensions, while microcosm and macrocosm are thrown to the wind: nothing is as it seems.