Studio BBH33 – Nowotny


Place to present artworks.
Space for developing and discussing special individual projects;
Visual-lab for multi-Media Projects,
Sheltered meeting point for creative fee minds out of various creative fields.

“I must confess our modern world irritates me”
Real Artists are incorruptible honest rebels: writing, composing, painting, filming, it does not matter. They have a special sense to realize what is going on – expressing their point of view within their artworks reflecting on relevant themes out of their lifetime.

“Modern world – a better world?”
Political and commercial systems are pushing forward the limits in a completely stupid and manipulative fashion. To create pressure and fear is the most effective strategy. Controlling systems interfere in our decisions and destroy our instinct reflecting on individual values in life. To keep people poor in any way, makes it easy to continue a dead end strategy of exploitation.

“To question – Who am I – there is no time left”
Most people struggle just to survive even having a job – they end up just paying bills? I think people are not dumb – everybody has a point of view – but there is no chance to speak out. Don´t exploit people – do not manipulate their mind – leave people their pride so they can realize the whole scheme – it would be more satisfaction for everybody to live in a world like this.

“Mankind-s biggest problem”
Nature and time cannot be controlled and will always reveal our limitations!”