From 1985-1989 Nowotny studied Stage Design at the University Salzburg Mozarteum. 1991 he started up as a painter, supported by the cultural promotion program of Salzburg. Soon he made his decision to go to New York and to swing between two completely different worlds. During his “New York days” (1995-2002) working in his Brooklyn loft at 60 Berry Street, he developed his individual style, creating his own expression of art. His basic work is to capture images, and afterwards mixing these together - first cutting the photographs in stripes and weaving these into iron grids and later creating his artistic work via digital programs (Series: “Grid pictures”, “Welcome to civilisation”, “Zone Zapping”). Over more than two decades Nowotny is travelling around the world watching carefully, taking pictures, creating his personal picture archive containing thousands of photos - all images he is using are authentic. 2003-2010 the series “Beyond future” and “Landscapes beyond” show a vision of our environment beyond future. Nowotny produces fictions of our world. It is all about reinventing reality using same techniques as mass media which is changing our perception of reality step by step because we are getting used to accept wrong contents. In the following “Puzzle” series (digital) Nowotny uses his individual puzzle grids symbolizing our fragmented world - in which humans have to try to fit in. 2008 Nowotny starts to paint again. The series “Clouds” has been the first step to challenge his painting skills again. Additional to his paintings he developed the series “Urban skies” by choosing an image and afterwards deciding which of the photos of the painted clouds fits to the scene. In 2010 Nowotny begins to paint over his digital images and soon creating the “Puzzle paintings” and the series “Bang Bang” which is an ironic metaphor about a super woman cleaning out every situation. 2011-14 Nowotny works on his final digital Series such as “Affenwelt”, “Trockenschwimmer” and the series about the actor Helmut Berger “REVERSE”. 2012 Nowotny has been meeting the art dealer Oskar Friedl who encouraged him to close the circle of his artworks by focusing where he has started at the very beginning of his career – Abstract paintings. 2014 “Histologic paintings” have been shown to the public. It turned out that the decision tor painting has been the right one.   2016 The series “Entangled paintings”. 2018 The series “Cosmic explosions”. 2019 The “Black series” - have been presented successfully to the public.
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Modern world neglects reality Being conscious of what is going on in our modern calculated but chaotic world realizing that most people are just passengers on a journey they have not booked cause they are stressed out to service the expectations the system puts on them. Art as well as philosophy is the most important value for mankind. Art offers the chance to reflect upon our values and needs. Taking time is a privilege. I decided, in the time I paint, to step outside of everything regulating and limiting my instinct. In this moment it is about me the empty canvas, paint – and my conscious reflection about now. For me working on a piece of art is one of the most freeing and honest of expressions, like partaking of recreation in a resort, pushing away everything that bothers my mind. To get into the flow, to fly as high and to dive as deep as I can, without destroying myself, to find the unexpected, to be surprised, to stop at the right moment - that is always my goal. In my paintings each of the polychrome layers is connected to another – an evolutionary process – the colours of the artworks are the result of many layers with glaze paint. The organic surfaces look like they are able to wriggle out of the canvas, but frozen in a moment of interaction. The observer –has to take time to tease out the story lurking behind - Space is endless.
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Creator of Events: To turn spaces inside and outside into a magic world is dependent on the theme - the location - the concept and the content of matching video sequences interacting - with steady images - with sound - with the choreography of light and most of all the chosen place or space. The design of an event is the 3-D version representing the individual mind, social competence, values and philosophy of the inviting person or company. To give the guests a time of experience in an individual created world which they will remember is a very delicate task. Design - individual, artistic, industrial: The goal of a good design is how to develop a form around function, use and technic. Another challenge is the combination of materials, choosing the colours, considering the dimension and proportion of the form to combine design and function. It needs a free mind – a lot of studies and research - a good concept - experience - time - a good professional team and a cooperative supportive costumer, institution or company, to succeed. Sculptures – artistic: To transform a high performance car into a sculpture was the main idea. To develop a free artistic sculptural artwork based on the most important details and features of Porsche design. To create modern sculptures – icons for the future representing – power - innovation – design - quality. First samples have been visualized. The next important step is to inspire the Porsche Family to get their approval to develop a limited edition of PORSCHE-Sculptures in cooperation with the official innovation and design department. Creative workshops – team building: Without content or concept you will never make things done. To create a good artistic work is a similar process like in any Company who produces products for consumers. The factor time to verify an idea to develop a plan for development is underestimated most! To listen to each another, to communicate with respect, to develop a concept together as a team, inspiring and supporting each other is an important learning process. Discussing and define the steps of development, finding out who is best for each step to take is essential. Failing within the working process is an important lesson - learning not to blame each other but to find out a solution together is lowering the stress level of the team and brings more quality into innovation and daily working processes. My part is to support (manage) the team in the process to develop a master plan - to lead, guide and support them if there are difficulties.
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"His spectacular installations with light and multimedia show his sense of drama that he learned during his studies to become a stage designer. He transforms the facades of entire buildings into a stage. Water, fire and the earth become actors that through their beauty create a spell that it becomes very hard for the viewer to resist. It is an enveloping, all encompassing experience to dive into one of the atmospheres that Nowotny creates. Again, Nowotny plays with powers but their threatening features have been taken away. Nowotny does not shy away from any challenge as big as it may be.” *Oskar Friedl 2012

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